Saturday, April 4, 2015

Our first puppy pick up in the new quarters........

Sam and Marlene sign the paperwork and receive a goody bag.

Meet Café....

 The first "rock" pictures.

Looks like she's ready to go home.

The fun begins.


Saturday, March 28, 2015

Sun City Center Fun Fest.......

Fun Fest is the day that thousands of people descend on Sun City Center to enjoy live entertainment, good food, and exhibits of all types.  The SouthShore Puppy Raisers have a prime spot for our booth to showcase our pups and spread the Southeastern mission. 
Sue and Bridget enjoy a quiet moment before the event begins.
The first shift of raisers and pups start to arrive. Terri and Sadie

Karl and Hero

Rachel and Jonathan

Chris and Wally

Then the chaos of greeting the individuals and discussing Southeastern begins.

Lakewood Ranch raisers, Susan and Kathy, Vicky and Keni join us,

along with Pinellas raisers, John and Angel, Donna and Zoe.

Field Representative, Jen, gives two obedience sessions,

younger pups,

older pups,

for a total of 16 pups in attendance.

Candid shots from obedience.... Ashlan and Mike

 Audrey and Kelly

Rachel and Jonathan

Lauren and Skylar

Debbie and Bogey, Chris and Wally

Karl and Hero, Brenda and Lucky

John and Ginny

Susan and Kathy

Vicky and Keni

Nick with Bridget


Thank you to all the people that donated to Southeastern Guide Dogs.


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy St. Patrick Day...
Lucky is ready to celebrate...

Friday, March 6, 2015

Take me out to the ball game.......
Our Tuesday night meeting took us to Riverview High School for a baseball/softball game.
Recon and Sadie make new friends while waiting for obedience to begin.

Jonathan waits patiently.
Ambassador Gunner joins us for obedience.
Obedience along an outside corridor before we enter the game.
Wally, Skylar, and Sadie hang out at the game.
Hot dogs always taste better at a baseball game.
Recon (bottom) and Skylar enjoy the game from the bleachers.
Thank you Riverview High School for allowing us to attend your game.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Student puppy raisers......
Meet our three Newsome High School student puppy raisers.
L to R: Melissa and pup Kelly, Lauren and pup Sklyar, Tanner and pup Sadie.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Evening at the library........
The rain let up and we were able to get in to the South Shore Regional Library without getting too wet for our Tuesday night meeting.  Good thing we had a large room since there were 12 pups and raisers at the meeting.

After reviewing the agenda, the raisers took the pups out to tour the library and practice common commands and protocols. 
Mike does the relaxation protocol.

Ginny gets some lovin' from her raiser.

Good loose leash walking by Kelly.

Bridget prepares to go down after doing a turn.

Bogey works on her turn, too.

Skylar shows patience while raisers talk.

Excellent loose leash, Hero

Recon tries the alternate door procedure.

Wally does a down/stay.

Rio relaxes.

The young pups stay in the room.  Jonathan relaxes.

Sadie under the table.

Skylar demonstrates her will power....note piece of kibble on her nose.

Great way to end the evening. :-)