Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A Canadian guide dog, eh......
Meet Kelly. Southeastern is a member of a breeding consortium with other guide dog schools in an effort to broaden our breeding pool. Kelly is the product of a "date" between Fred, from Southeastern and Holly, from a Canadian guide dog school. 
First the paperwork and goodie bag.
Kelly meets her raisers.
The "rock" pictures.
We expect great things.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

The weather was perfect for our meeting at the Florida Railroad Museum, where you ride the exhibits. Raisers and pups gathered before boarding the train.
Ashlan and Mike

Recon waits patiently

Mary Jo and Lucky
Hero waits for the "out" command.
Susan and Honor, featured on Southeastern's Christmas Cards.
Vicky and Keni from the Bradenton group.
Tickets please.
All aboard!!!!!
All the pups seemed to enjoy the ride. 
Recon, December in the Southeastern 2015 calendar.
Wally certainly looks comfy.
Birdie, October in the Southeastern 2015 calendar.
Remington checks in with his raiser.
Finally caught someone near the train.

Thank you to all the volunteers at the Florida Railroad Museum for your hospitality. We'll definitely be back next year.

 Diamond is off to Guide Dog U......
Diamond is the first in our group to have co-raisers which means he had two homes, each with a former Southeastern dog in residence and four raisers. Our time with him was too short.
Diamond as a baby.
The pick up was a family affair, both raiser families and his sponsors.
The fun begins.
Meetings and memories.


Stair practice.
Bradenton Walk-a-thon.
Sun City Center Fun Fest.

Veterans Memorial Park....

Obedience class with the trainer.

Dinner out with raisers.

A day at Simmons Park.

Cuddling with Ruth

and Gunner.
A soaker not a swimmer.....
All packed for camp....
In harness.
Last gathering of Diamond's family......
Guide Dog U.....

Kennel sign.....

Trainer Katie, takes him to his new kennel.......

Make us proud Diamond, you'll definitely be missed.