Monday, October 5, 2015

Litter mates earn their coats........

Since the TIA meeting would have been too much for pups less than 5 months old, the four young pups got together Saturday at Bloomingdale Square.  Three of the four are litter mates and all very anxious to earn their coats.

We started with a progress report on each pup and questions.  We found that the litter mates have a lot in common.

Brie, the oldest of the four earned her coat at the last meeting.




What kind of meeting would it be without some obedience work...

 Plus you must do some loose leash walking....

Now for the main event, trying the coat on for the first time.....

Thank you Dave for taking and sharing these marvelous pictures.  

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Look who has a new puppy........

Karl, Sharon and Michael pick up puppy number seven.

Welcome to our group Molly.

The fun begins...... 
TIA welcomes Southeastern Guide Dogs......

Our Tuesday evening meeting was very special.  Tampa International Airport hosted 3 of Southeastern Guide Dogs puppy raiser groups, including the Tampa Area, MacDill, and our group, SouthShore Puppy Raisers.  We were joined by trainers and class ready dogs in harness and a working guide dog team.  

Pups and raisers arrive.

Croley was outfitted with a Go Pro to get a "pup's eye view" of the airport.

"Mom, what's that thing pointing at me?"

Kari, TIA's Director of Marketing, welcomes everyone.

Leslie led obedience practice.

We divided in to five groups, each led by a member of the TIA marketing team.

Croley gives the TSA person a little love during a pat down.

Boarding the problem.

We were lucky that there was a plane available for the pups to board.

Next stop.....the pet relief area.

On our way back to the terminal, we saw the rest of our SouthShore group heading airside.

What a great experience for our pups in training.  Thank you to Leslie for making the arrangements and to TIA for hosting our meeting. We look forward to doing this again next year.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Patriots Day event......

Some events can be too stimulating for younger pups. That's why we decided to have a special meeting for the pups under 4 months instead of having them attend the Patriots Day/Remembrance Ride event held at the Veterans Memorial Park.

We started with introducing the step protocols to the pups.



Zon listens carefully to his raiser and then shows us how to do it.

After all that step work, it's time to take a "Break".

Brie gets some water.




Next we work on the relaxation protocol.  Working dogs often spend a good deal of their time "relaxing" while their handler works.  We start at an early age teaching the pups how to be comfortable relaxing.



Brie demonstrates that she can relax while her raiser is standing.

Then it was time for the little guys to go home and for me to go to the day's main event.

Croley relaxes and takes in the activity.

Karl returns from taking Bridget for a walk around the park.

Recon checks in with her raiser.

Group shot.

Unfortunately the rains came and the event was cut short before we could get a picture of everyone attending.