Friday, December 19, 2014

Holiday Party..........
Last meeting of the year we combined a restaurant exposure with a holiday celebration.  It was a challenge to find a place with a room large enough to accommodate 10 guide dog pups in training and 31 humans, but Alpha Pizza, Pasta, and Prime of Apollo Beach was perfect.

Remington wears the harness at his last meeting.  He goes in for training in January.

Does my tail look big from this angle?



Skylar relaxes.

One of our members is an ambassador for Subaru and presented each puppy and raiser with a Subaru bag filled with goodies.

Thank you to the management and staff at Alpha restaurant for hosting our meeting there.  The food and service were excellent.  See you next year...  Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Open House........
Our Saturday meeting took us to Southeastern Guide Dogs' Open House on their Palmetto campus.  A variety of activities were available including blindfold walks, viewing puppy training, Ambassador dog meet and greet, and an opportunity to meet some guide dogs in training. In addition there were presentations on the Creation of a Guide Dog, All About Puppy Raising, A Graduate's Story, and Guide Dog Assessment. 
As always we gathered to discuss our plan for the morning.

Skylar practices her relaxation protocol.
Kelly keeps an eye on everything.

Hero and family.

Rio checks in with his raiser.

Recon relaxes.

Mike enjoys the shade.

Bogey on alert.

It's always nice to  have former raisers join us.

Next we went our separate ways to enjoy the activities and presentations.  Wally at the Freedom Courtyard.

Bogey has an admirer.

Lucky and raiser.

Our very own, Leslie, does a presentation about puppy raising.

Blindfold walks with a trained dog gives you a new understanding of the trust a visually impaired person must have in their guide.  Several raisers took advantage of the opportunity.


Carole learns how to do a "right about."


 Rachel shows her excitement.

The highlight of the morning was a visit from Santa Claus. 




Makes you want to take one home.

Happy Holidays!


Friday, December 5, 2014

Lucky and Recon get into the holiday spirit......
Lucky, Recon and Ben, along with their handlers, attended a holiday event of the Marine Corps Forces Central Command (MARCENT). 

Lucky, the one with antlers, and Ambassador Ben.

Lucky and Recon spread good cheer.

Happy Holidays!!!



Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving.........
Remington got all dressed up to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.
Can't wait to see his Christmas outfit.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Shirley and her new handler......
Puppy Raiser Day is one we all look forward to attending.  That is the day you get to meet the team of the puppy you raised and their new handler. Debbie summed it up, " Puppy Raiser Day reminds you why you do this." Words can't express the emotions.   Here is Debbie with Shirley and her new person.
The new team.

Meeting with trainer, Jen........
Tuesday evening we all bundled up and headed to a quiet overhang in Riverview to meet with Regional Manager, Lauren, and Field Services Representative, Jen.  We had a record number of 13 pups attending the meeting, plus Jen's personal dog, Scorch, and a new pup in the van.
The meeting started with Lauren speaking about the upcoming Open House and her new position at Southeastern.
Next up, Jen, to demonstrate distraction set-ups.

Here she uses her treat bag as a distraction, which Wally would love to get.

Jen takes time to meet one of our newest members, Skylar.

Another new member, Kelly.

Practicing the relaxation protocol is a challenge with so many pups near by.  Senior member, Remington, demonstrates. 

Hero checks in with his raiser.

Recon chooses the "frog" for her relaxation position.

Lucky is ready to go.

Rio watches with interest.

Mike, Bella, Bogey with a glimpse of Birdie to the right.

Thank you Jen and Lauren for joining us.  It was a very productive meeting.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A Canadian guide dog, eh......
Meet Kelly. Southeastern is a member of a breeding consortium with other guide dog schools in an effort to broaden our breeding pool. Kelly is the product of a "date" between Fred, from Southeastern and Holly, from a Canadian guide dog school. 
First the paperwork and goodie bag.
Kelly meets her raisers.
The "rock" pictures.
We expect great things.