Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Puppy Raiser Meeting
April 19, 2016

Today's meeting was held at the Tampa Firehouse #4. Great exposure for the pups and a great time for the puppy raisers.

After arriving our raisers and puppies had some time to socialize and settle down.





We gathered in the bay for our meeting

Our puppies had the exposure of a firefighter in full gear.

First up was Scout. Scout was very confident and walked right up.

Then followed by Sara. The mask wasn't any concern for Sara, she sat down and posed for pictures!

Next up was Brie, very curious, she wanted to know what that smell was... Hey Dad, this smells like your grilling!

Joan immediately wanted to greet our faceless friend! 

Molly needed to check out the outfit...
Molly was relieved to know there was a face under there!

Elsa's tail was a waggin'! Couldn't wait to say Hi!

Kathleen - I see you in there...give me a kiss!

Zon was our little man and walked right up. Very curious to understand what this fuss was all about.

Our puppies then had the opportunity to practice walking between the trucks while the engines were running and with the lights on.








A group photo op could not be missed!

Some relaxation shots while the adults stood around and chatted...


Look at me! I know how to roll my tongue! (Molly)



And of course we had a photo opportunity on the trucks with our adorable super heros!





Sara giving MJ a smooch



Daddd, that was so much fun! (Scout)


And our applicants taking some time with our puppies. It will be great to see some new puppies soon!

Thanks to Firehouse #4 for hosting our meeting!  What a great opportunity for all the pups.  See you at the next meeting!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Croley, BMOC (big man on campus).........

Croley just turned one year old this week and today he joins the ranks of the Freshman class at Guide Dog U.

Let's take a look at his journey.

Mid August Croley met his raiser, Ashlan.

His namesake was also lucky to get to meet him that day.

The first "rock" picture.

Everyone thinks he's adorable..... no question about it.

One of his first meetings, Patriots Day rally.

He wore a GoPro at the TIA meeting.

Already 6 months old.

The Florida Railroad Museum meeting....where you ride the exhibit.

Meeting at the Cottrell's.....singing fish distraction.

Waiting for a golf cart ride.

Relaxing during announcements.

Holiday meeting at Alpha Pizza & Prime in Apollo Beach.

Frosty Paw break at the Manatee Viewing Center meeting.

Brandon bowling alley.

Making a new friend.

Dressed for success.

Sun City Center Fun Fest.

Last meeting, wearing his hero cape at the Tampa Walkathon.

Who wouldn't want to kiss this handsome boy!

New pup in training, Chase, gets a few pointers before Croley goes IFT.

Croley never misses an opportunity to celebrate or dress for a holiday.

Fall picture


Veterans Day


New Year's Eve

Valentines Day

St. Patrick's Day


Next up......Guide Dog U

The BIG day has arrived!!

Last Rock picture

The long line of signs for the pups going IFT

Croley all grown up and ready for Guide Dog U

 Checking out Croley's dorm room

Croley getting a few more minutes of time with his name sake

And a few last good byes ...

After saying his good byes, Croley is now ready to greet the trainers and start his career

Good luck Croley! We look forward to hearing about the super hero difference you make in someone's life!